Virtual Private Network: Common Good Groups

VPN groups with enterprise needs are termed "Common Good VPN Groups." Currently the groups that meet this criterion are "UofMvpn," "€˜UofMVPNNoLibraries," "UofMSplit," and "Xvpn." Access to these groups requires University of Minnesota Internet ID authentication and authorization.

For vendor remote access, departments are expected to sponsor and manage an University of Minnesota Internet Account

  • UofMvpn/Full Tunnel
    • This is designed for general virtual connectivity. The traffic is fully tunneled, fully encrypted, and offers a U of M public IP address. It is designed primarily to provide service for after-hours access or telecommuters.
  • UofMVPNNoLibraries
    • This group has similar attributes as UofMvpn, but users will not have access to U of M libraries resources.
  • UofMSplit"
    • This provides general virtual connectivity only to U of M destinations. The traffic profile offers RFC1918 private addressing, and only the traffic to U of M destinations is sent via the encrypted tunnel.
  • Xvpn
    • managed by OIT security staff that is available for cross-border operations when the normal border policy controls would get in the way.