Telephone Service Options

Campus Landlines

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) owns and operates the Twin Cities campus telephone system (PBX) and is responsible for providing telephone services to the Twin Cities campus community.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that is used to send and receive voice communications in much the same manner as normal data communications that travel from computer to computer.

VoIP enables OIT to provide full University voice services at remote site locations which in the past were unable to receive them. These services include basic functions such as call transfer, conference, forward; and more advanced services such as automatic call distribution (ACD), auto-attendants, toll-free, and voicemail.

Acceptable Use

OIT asks that if you wish to use commercial VoIP software such as Skype, to please communicate with your IT staff, and be sure to configure the software so that your computer and the University's network remains secure.


Centrex is an analog, central office-based telephone system that provides single-system service in multiple locations around the metropolitan area. Centrex is used to provide off-campus voice services that tie into the campus PBX.

Centrex users can use the same long distance service and five-digit dialing as is used by on-campus users. Centrex allows calls to be transferred between on and off campus offices and three-way conference calls. Multi-line analog phones or a key system or small hybrid system may be installed to work with the Centrex lines.

We no longer offer new installations of our Centrex service. 

Public/Emergency Telephones

OIT offers free public campus telephones in key campus locations for use by the University of Minnesota community. OIT's public campus telephones allow members of the University community to make local calls and calls to the University police and Information Services. In addition to public campus telephones, Code Blue Emergency telephones are located throughout campus.

Requesting Changes to Services

To request moves, adds, or changes to any of the services: submit a Voice & Data Request form.

Cellular Phones

Faculty, staff, and students can get discounts on cellular phones and service through Hardware & Software Purchasing.