Technology Help Website: Roles and Editing Permissions

Content contributors to the Technology Help website ( can check their editing permissions by for their role by referencing this overview. 

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Content Editor

  • Create and edit media (document, image, video, video file)
  • Create & edit any pages you have access to
    • TechHelp contributors will only have access to the TechHelp content types
  • Add a revision log entry
  • View revisions
  • Revert to a previous revision

Note: This role will not be able to publish new pages. They can only save them as drafts. They will need to have someone with the Page Publisher role review and publish their pages.

Page Publisher

  • Publish and unpublish any pages you have access to
  • Create URL redirects and aliases

Advanced Editor

  • Create, edit and publish pages using the specialized content types (except Knowledge Base Article)
    • TechHelp contributors with the Advanced Editor role will have access to TechHelp Specialized content types and will be able to edit and unpublish Knowledge Base Articles
  • Configure layout overrides
  • Create and edit single-use custom blocks
  • Create and edit taxonomy terms

Platform Configuration and Coding Permissions

  • Administer content types
  • Configure any layout
  • Configure all layout overrides
  • Administer views
  • Administer blocks
  • Administer Bulk Update Fields
  • Administer URL aliases
  • Administer vocabularies and terms
  • Administer menus and menu items
  • Define the existing Paragraph types and their fields and behaviors
  • Administer media & media types
  • Administer meta tags
  • Administer Easy Breadcrumb settings
  • Administer Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Administer Honeypot
  • Administer Rabbit Hole settings for Content & Taxonomy terms
  • Administer robots.txt
  • Administer facets for search pages

Platform Provisioning Permissions

  • Add and remove access to platform 
  • Assign roles

Platform Administrator Permissions

  • Full access to everything

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