Technology Help Website: Put Restricted Content in the TDX Knowledge Base

Content that should only be viewed by the University community should not be published to a publicly available website such as the Technology Help website ( Instead, it should be stored in the TeamDynamix (TDX) Knowledge Base and only accessed there where it is secured behind authentication. Follow the steps below to restrict access to content that should only be viewed by the University community. 

Create a Knowledge Article in TDX

To create a new knowledge article you will need to either have a Technician or Knowledge editor role in TDX. If you do not have the required access you can either work with a knowledge editor in your department to create a new article or you can request additional access in TDX.

View these instructions on how to create a knowledge article in TDX.

Enter the Correct Settings for the Knowledge Article

In the TDX Knowledge Base there are two settings that determine the availability of an article for viewing or publishing: (1) the Publish to KB setting (2) and the Restrict Access setting.

If your knowledge article should only be viewable by the University community and not the general public, set these two settings as follows:

  1. The Published to KB setting is selected. This will allow anyone who can log into TDX to view the article.
  2. The Restrict Access setting which asked the question "Restrict Access: Require login with a UMN Internet ID to view this content?" is set to Yes. This setting will not allow the article to be published to a website. The content will only be available to be viewed in TDX.

For more information on these settings view the article for Restricting Access to Content

Send Users to the Knowledge Article in TDX

Once your knowledge article is approved and published to the TDX Knowledge Base with the appropriate settings as outlined above, it is available for viewing. You can either send the article link to your users or you can publish the link on a webpage. 

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