TDX: Transfer Ownership of a Ticket

Tickets occasionally need to be reassigned to a different Group due to new information or initial error.

Transferring Ownership of a Ticket

  1. Navigate to the Details (static view) of the ticket that needs to be reassigned.
  2. Select the Actions menu and choose Reassign [Ticket]. A new window pops open.
    Action menu open with Reassign Ticket option highlighted
  3. Type the name of the correct Responsible Group in the New Responsibility field.
    1. You can use Lookup to search for the correct Responsible Group.
  4. Type a clear message in the Comments field to let the Responsible Group know why you are reassigning the ticket to them.
  5. Make sure the Notify the new resource of the assignment box is checked.
  6. Click Save. The window will close and the ticket Details should now show which Responsible Group now owns the ticket. 

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