TDX: Resolve an Unintentionally Reopened Ticket

After a technician resolves a ticket, the customer receives an email notification with the technician's final resolution notes indicating the ticket has been resolved. Occasionally, customers respond to these email notifications with non-actionable responses, such as "Thank you." If this happens within five days of the ticket being resolved, the ticket will automatically reopen.

This article outlines the best practices for resolving such unintentionally reopened tickets.

Resolving an Unintentionally Reopened Ticket

  1. Navigate to the ticket that has been unintentionally reopened.
  2. Select the Actions menu and select Update. A new window opens.
  3. Change the Status field to Resolved.
  4. Keep the Make comments private (only visible to U of M Tickets users) box checked, so that the customer will not receive another email notification.
  5. Add an appropriate resolution note in the Comments field:
    • Indicate the ticket was reopened due to a non-actionable customer response.
    • Indicate that you are electing not to notify the customer of resolution since they have previously been notified.
      shows New Status of ticket marked as Resolved and has comment in comment box "Ticket was reopened due to non-actionable customer response [insert message from user]. Re-resolving ticket without notification since customer was previously notified, and to prevent further non-actionable responses."
  6. Click Save at the top of the window. The window closes and returns to the View of the ticket showing the status Resolved in the upper-right corner of the window.