TDX Reports: Use Good Naming Conventions

All technicians have the ability to make reports in TDNext. These reports can then be shared with other groups or kept visible only to yourself. With the number of reports being created and used, please follow these recommendations for naming reports that you create:

  • Start your report title with one of the following:
    • Technology
    • Service
    • Responsible Group (or common shortened name for your group)
    • Your initials or Internet ID
  • Finish your report title with a concise phrase indicating the content or purpose of the report. For example:
    • OIT Service Desk New Ticket Count
    • OIT Service Desk Reopened Tickets
    • Canvas KB Article Inventory

Use the description field to include any additional details or instructions on how to use the report, change filters, etc. For example:

  • Title: Editors: Check KB Article Links¬†
  • Description: Use this report to search for articles that link to another article. Copy and paste an article URL into the Body Like field, and click Run Report.