TDX Reports: Search for a Report or Report Folder

You can easily search for reports that you or others have created.

Searching for a Report or Report Folder

  1. Navigate to the U of M Tickets tab at the top of the page.
    TDX menu bar with tabs Apps, Desktop and U of M Tickets. U of M tickets highlighted.
  2. Click Reports  in the top menu bar. The Reports page appears listing all the available report folders and reports. 
  3. Enter search criteria by keywords or report Owner.
  4. Click Search in the top left.
    • Only reports that match the criteria will show in their respective folder(s). You will still see all the other folders but they will be empty.
      Reports page; Search field; Owner field; empty report folder; report folder with a report that met the search field criteria
  5. Click the report's Name to access it. The page refreshes. Except for the report option buttons at the top, the page will be blank.
  6. Click the Run Report button.
    Report option buttons: Actions; Run Report (highlighted); Print
    The page refreshes and displays records that meet the report's criteria.