TDX Reports: Change Ownership of a Report

You can change the ownership of any report you own.

Changing ownership of a report you own

  1. Click the Actions button, and select Show Details from the drop-down menu. A Report Details window opens.
  2. Click Actions in the Report Details window, and select Change Owner.
  3. Remove your own name and enter the name of the new report owner.
    1. If an individual, enter their Internet ID
    2. If a group, enter the group name (available after TDX Release 11.6, 12/3/22)
  4. Click Save.

Changing ownership of a report owned by a former employee

If an employee who owned a report is no longer with the University, you can request to have the report ownership changed.

  1. Submit a TDX Service Request Form.
  2. Under the Request Details section, select the Other option. A text box will appear where you can enter additional details.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Name of the report
    • New owner
      • If an individual, provide both Name and Internet ID
      • If a group, provide the full name of the group (available after TDX Release 11.6, 12/3/22)

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