TDX Knowledge: Guidelines for Writing Knowledge Article Subjects (Titles)

Properly formed subjects greatly help with both searching and identifying which article to use. 

Writing article titles

Follow these guidelines to better help users find your article:

  • Lead with [software] [version(s) if applicable]: [verb] 
    • Use the active voice, e.g., create, assign, secure. The verb should not be in the 'ing' form.
      • Example: Canvas: Publish a Course
      • Example: Drupal Enterprise 8, 9: Enable Folwell Theme
        • If an article applies to multiple versions, include the latest 2 versions in the title.
  • Write a single, concise sentence, ideally fewer than 10 words, summarizing the content.
  • Use title case.
  • Use primary keywords related to the content in the first several words.
  • Use words users will most likely search on.
  • Delete "the," "and," or "is," if possible. When appearing at the beginning of a title, these are generic and take up space.
  • Do not lead with commonly used words such as "How to."