TDX Knowledge: Give Feedback on Articles

Anyone with a technician role in TDX can leave Feedback on an article and can see all the Feedback left on any article. Feedback helps us keep our Knowledge Base up to date and relevant. Give feedback when content is unclear, incorrect, or could use improvement.

  • When you leave feedback, make sure it is detailed and actionable. See Feedback examples.
  • Your name will be associated with the Feedback you leave.

Only editors can address feedback. When they do, they will notify you of any actions they took based on the feedback

Leaving Feedback on an Article

  1. Click Yes or No in the Was this helpful? box under the article. 
    • Click Yes if the article is technically correct but you want to suggest how it could be improved. 
    • Click No if the article is not technically correct.
      Was this helpful Yes/No box; percentage of those who found the article helpful and the number of views
      The Comments box appears.
  2. Enter specific, actionable, and appropriate feedback.
    Comments box with feedback; submit and cancel feedback buttons
  3. Click Submit.
    On-screen message: "Thank you. Your feedback has been recorded."  Includes the percentage of people who found the article helpful and how many reviews the article has had.

Feedback examples


  • Bad example: The steps in this article are too short and choppy; combine some of them instead of listing out so many separate things to do.
  • Good example: Steps 3 - 10 could easily be combined into 3 steps instead of 7.


  • Bad example: The uses for this tool are vague.
  • Good example: Include some of the specific uses for this tool that people can easily relate to.


Addresses content issues without addressing the author of the article

  • Bad example: You don't have steps 5-8 listed in the correct order for how someone would even do this task.
  • Good example: Steps 5-8 need to be correctly ordered so a user can successfully complete this task.

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