TDX Knowledge and Drupal: Content Availability and Linking

Understand how TDX knowledge base articles are displayed and linked on the Technology Help (IT) website.

TDX Knowledge Base Article Content

  • Internal articles can only be viewed in TDX.
    • Exception: If an article is marked Public (which no article should be), anyone with the link can view it in TDX. 
  • Published articles can be viewed in TDX or on the Technology Help (IT) website. 
  • Published articles are pulled into Drupal nightly:
    • Central Standard Time: 5:00 PM
    • Central Daylight Time: 6:00 PM
  • Once a new public article has been pulled into Drupal, it will have a Drupal-generated URL based on the article's title. 
    • Once pulled, you can find it using the Self Help Search for on the Technology Help website,
      • In general, new knowledge will be available no later than 6:00 AM the next morning.
      • If there is an emergency need for information to be available sooner, fill out a Service Lifecycle Support equest via form.

How Linking Works Between TDX and Drupal

  • Links from one article to another must use the TDX link whether an article is for internal use or is public-facing (Published).
  • If a published article contains a link to another published article, Drupal will automatically substitute the TDX article link with the Drupal-generated URL.
  • When an article title changes, Drupal updates the Drupal-generated URL. 
  • All changes to articles must be made in TDX. 
    • Most knowledge editors cannot edit KB articles directly on the Drupal website.
    • If there is an urgent need to have an article updated, fill out a request via form.
  • Links from an IT web page to a public article must use the article's Drupal-generated URL, not its TDX link.

Note: If you don't see a TDX ID number at the bottom of an Technology Help web page, the page was created in Drupal, not TDX.

All KB articles are How-To articles on the Technology Help website (