TDX Incident: View Ticket Details

This article explains the different areas found in the Details (static view) of a Incident ticket. To get to this view, either:

  • Immediately after creating an incident, click View the incident you just created.
  • Or click the ticket ID# in any dashboard, report, or list.

Viewing an Incident ticket

When you click View the incident you just created, the previous window closes and a new window opens with multiple tabs and buttons including an Edit button and an Actions menu. The window opens by default to the General tab.
Incident ticket tabs. Default: General tab. Other tabs: Tasks/Activities, People, T&E, My Alerts, Assets, Read By. These are examples; tabs change depending on context.

The General tab displays the ticket Details (static view).
Example Ticket, Details section. Information shown: requestor, Account/Department, Type, Service, Impact, Urgency, Priority


This section of the ticket shows you what was written in the Description field of the ticket when it was first created:
The Description label is highlighted with an example description below.

Knowledge Base Article

This section only appears if you have associated an article to the ticket. It shows any Knowledge Base articles that you associated with this incident ticket when creating it. You can click on the title of the article in this view, and the article will open up in a new tab in your browser for you to work from.
Knolwedge base article highlighted. Associated KB article title, category, status and published status.


The Ticket Feed will show all updates to the ticket. Anyone with a technician role will be able to view the Feed, and use the following functionality:

  • Use the search bar to find relevant information among all the activity in the Feed.
  • Select different filters to view specific types of activity in the Feed.
  • Each update will have an icon to the left of it that will signal what kind of update it was.
  • Notice that you can Like and Comment on the updates in the ticket Feed.

Feed section, with filter selections checked for Edits, Status Changes, and Comments. Search bar showing "computer" with results showing only 2 of 7 entries. 

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