TDX Client Portal: View Your Ticket Requests

You can use the TDX Client Portal to view your tickets. By default, you will see all your new, in process, or on hold tickets but you can choose to view tickets of other statuses as well. 

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Viewing your New, In Process, or On Hold Ticket Requests

  1. Log into the TDX Client Portal if necessary.
  2. Click View My Tickets. The Ticket Requests page appears. By default, any tickets that are New, In Process, or On Hold are listed.
    default tickets request page including search, to excel, and print buttons; search options; ticket list
  3. Click the Title of the ticket to view the Details.
    ticket details
  4. Optional: Update your Ticket in the Details view (on this page).

Finding all your Ticket Requests

You can modify the Status Class menu and search for all of your tickets or those of specific classes, including Completed or Cancelled.

  1. Click the Status Class dropdown menu.
  2. Click the [Select all] checkbox (or other status class(es) as desired).
    status class dropdown menu; all options selected: New, In Process, Completed, Cancelled, Oh Hold
  3. Click the Search button. A sortable list of all your tickets appears.

    Note: In the Status column, Completed tickets are listed as Resolved
  4. Optional: Click the Title of a ticket to view its Details.

Updating a Ticket Request in the Details view

There are a few options you can exercise from the Details view. You can:

  • Click Withdraw Request if you no longer need help. Your ticket will be Cancelled.
  • Add an attachment to help document your issue using one of the following options: 
    • Drag and drop attachments onto the Attachments area
    • Click the Add Attachment button.
  • Note: There is no need to Add Alert(s) because notifications are automatically configured to provide you with email updates. 

Making a Comment via the ticket Feed

You can also communicate with technicians via the Feed section.

  1. Click the Comment button in the Feed section. The section expands to show a text box and Notify field. 
  2. Leave the Notify field blank. 
  3. Enter your Comment in the text box.
    Feed with completed comment box
  4. Click Save. The group responsible for the ticket is notified and the Feed updates displaying your Comment.
    Updated feed with comment