Setting up a Mobile Hotspot

Learn how to set up a WiFi hotspot from the two most commonly-used cell phone operating systems.

A WiFi hotspot is a temporary, location-based WiFi source. This is a technology that may be used while off-campus, if an individual user has a device or data/cellular plan that includes a WiFi hotspot option. The availability of a hotspot is dependent on the user, their device, and their carrier cell phone plan.

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Note: Hotspots are not needed on campus at the University of Minnesota - students, faculty, and staff should connect to the eduroam WiFi network. 

Apple iPhones

Android Phones

Cell Carrier Specific Hotspot Instructions

Your cell phone carrier may also provide additional instructions for setting up a mobile hotspot. Note that not every carrier provides additional instructions. If your carrier is not listed, please see the Apple and Android specific guides above. 





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