Self-Help Guides: Create a Self-Help Guide Page

The "Self-Help Guide Page" is used to create the master document that pulls together the individual columns of the self-help guide. The columns must be created first before you can associate them with a self-help guide page.

Note: These instructions assume that you have logged into your Drupal site and that you have permissions to create content in the site.


  1. Click Content in the Administrator Toolbar.
  2. Click +Add Content.
  3. Click Self-Help Guide Page.
  4. Enter the title for the Self-help Guide in the Title field.
  5. Enter a Description. The description displays in the upper left of the self-help guide below the title.
  6. (optional) Enter Additional Guides. If this self-help guide is a part of a series, you can enter links to other related self-help guides.
  7. Enter the name of a Self-Help Guide Column in the Attached Column field.
    • Note: This field will auto-populate as you start typing, enabling you to select from a list of available columns. You can attach up to three columns to a self-help guide.
      A screenshot of the Attach Columns fields
  8. (optional) Enter a Suggested Item Link. This field can be used to link to a feedback or suggestions form to collect user input.
  9. Save or Publish the column. 
    • Note: The options you see for saving and/or publishing the column will depend on how your site is set up.