Self-Help Guides: Activate the Self-Help Guide Module

The Self-Help Guide module has been installed on the UMN Enterprise Drupal 7 platform, so it is very easy to turn it on in your site.

If you do not yet have a Drupal site, you can request it by completing a request form at

Note: These instructions assume that you have logged into your Drupal site and that you have administrative permissions in the site.

Turning On the Self-Help Guide Module

  1. Click Modules in the Administrator Toolbar.
  2. Click UMN Self-Help Guides in the list of Module Categories.

    A screenshot of the UMN Self-Help Guides link following the UMN Features link
  3. Click the Module toggle to On for UMN Self Help Guides.
  4. Click the Save configuration button.

Read Organize and Construct a Self-Help Guide for further assistance with this module.