Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Using Footers from University Relations

To help you conform with legal and policy requirements and save you time, University Relations has created footers and shared them with you in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Footers are available for transactional, commercial, and DMS emails.
Navigate to footers shared by University Relations

Use the appropriate footer for your email.
Choose the appropriate footer for your email

When you are using Footer DMS, in the unlikely event that you are sending a transactional email to a DMS Data Extension, remove the Unsubscribe link. When in doubt, leave in place (almost all DMS email is commercial).

Good Footer Content

Remember to change the placeholder word RECIPIENTS as appropriate for your email.
Change the placeholder word RECIPIENTS

An explanation of why someone is receiving an email might prevent them from unsubscribing.

The explanation should state why they are receiving this email.
For example:
This email was sent to English department Alumni.
This email was sent to Donors and Alumni to the School of Journalism.
updated footer describing why they are receiving it



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