Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Link (URL) Expiration

Tracked links in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) emails go to SMC, and are redirected to your intended URL. These SMC links will eventually expire, after which they will redirect to a specified Redirect URL.

Specify How Long Your Links Will Work

The URL Expiration specification in Salesforce Marketing Cloud controls when links in emails sent from your account will expire.

The minimum expiration is 60 days and the maximum is 730 days (2 years).

After expiration, links will redirect to a specified URL.
URL expiration and Redirect URL

Change Link Expiration and Specify a Redirect URL

Within Email Studio select the Admin tab.

In the left column, select Send Management>URL Expiration

Link Expiration

  1. Set Sent email URLs expire after: as you wish, between 60 and 730 days, inclusive.
  2. Save

Adjusting the duration to a shorter time than what is currently set may cause live URLs to immediately expire and redirect to the redirect URL.
Adjusting the duration to a time that is greater than what is currently set may cause expired URLs to unexpire and redirect to their original address.

Redirect URL

The System Default URL goes to a simple web page that says that the link has expired.

To specify a custom destination for expired links:

  1. Select Custom Defined URL
  2. Enter a valid URL for your preferred Redirect destination
  3. Save

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