Request Item: Understand the Access Request Form (ARF) Process

This request item is available for individuals seeking to request access to enterprise applications such as PeopleSoft and ImageNow. It is available for self-service through the Request Item page in ServiceNow.

As with all Request Catalog Items, you may use the above link to submit a request immediately.  This article details the step-by-step procedure of this request.

Access for some systems requires an appropriate attachment. Complete steps and links to all of the attachments are available on the Access Request Form (ARF) Self-Help Guide.

Request Procedure

flowchart of the ARF process

Stage 1: End User/Supervisor Approval

In this stage, the End User and Supervisor listed on the Request Item will be contacted to approve the request for access. This transitions the request to Stage 2: Approver Verification.

Actions Required:

Approve access when prompted via email.

Stage 2: Approver Verification

The Approver listed in the form will be contacted to determine the level of access you require, and approve or deny the request.

Actions Required:

None. Once the Approver confirms the level of access necessary to complete the request, it will automatically proceed to Stage 3: In Fulfilment.

Stage 3: In Fulfillment

During this stage, a Data Security specialist will select the appropriate training requirements for your level of access. Any training requirements will be communicated by your supervisor or Data Security upon the completion of this request.

Actions Required:

None. Training requirements will be communicated via email upon completion of the request.

Stage 4: Completion

Provisioning & Requests will complete the request when all the approvals have been received and all the authentication and training requirements have been communicated.

Actions Required:

Await confirmation of completion from Provisioning & Requests.

Other Stages

Request Cancelled

This stage is triggered when the request is missing a required approval, often from the end user or supervisor (see Stage 1).

Actions Required:

Your request will not be completed as normal.  Please contact the Technology Helpline for assistance.