Reporting Center: Find Training Records for an Employee, Student, Department or Course in Reporting Center

University of Minnesota employees can view training records for a specific employee or student, or for an entire department.

Note: Students, including student employees, do not have access to this report. If a student needs a copy of their training history, they will need to request an employee run the report for them.

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When is the Training History report updated?

The data in the report is as of end of the day yesterday. See the date listed in the right side of the report header under the report run date. This date automatically changes when the data in the report are refreshed.

the report run date and data as of dates for a training history report.

Accessing the Training History report

  1. Connect to VPN.
  2. Log in to MyU (
  3. Click Key Links in the top navigation and select Reporting Center.
    1. Reporting Center is only available to active employees.
      MyU portal with Key Links menu expanded and arrow pointing towards Reporting Center option.
  4. Scroll down to Human Resources category:
    1. Select Talent Management to expand the category.
    2. Select Training to expand the category
    3. Select Training History.
    4. Log in again if necessary.

Viewing the training record of an individual employee or student

  1. Select the Type an Emplid radio button at the top.
  2. Enter an Employee ID in the text box.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Choose the transcript status(es) that you want in the report.
    • The Completed status will return all trainings the person has completed.
    • To select non-contiguous items:
      • Windows: hold the CTRL key and click the options you want to select.
      • Mac: hold the COMMAND key and click the options you want to select.
        Course status(s) list showing two status selected at the same time (Approved and Completed)
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Use the icons on the top right to export the data as an Excel file, a CSV file, or a PDF.
    Icons on top right of report with options to Save to Excel, Save to CSV, and Save to PDF

Viewing records for a specific department

  1. Choose the Select a College/Admin Unit(s) radio button at the top.
  2. Select one or more College/Admin Unit(s) from the list and click Submit.
  3. Select one or more of the ZDeptID(s) and click Submit.
  4. Select one or more of the DeptID(s) and click Submit.
  5. Enter the start date for the report.
    • Note: The greater the time frame you choose, the longer it will take to run the report.
  6. Select the Course Status(es) and click Submit.
  7. You can filter the report further by choosing one or more University Training Units and clicking Submit.
    Training History report showing University Training Unit (Category) pick list in upper left and arrow pointing towards the associated Submit button.

Searching for records by course or employee class

In the report preferences you can enable a Course Title filter and/or an Employee Class filter.

  1. Start by following the directions for viewing the records for a specific department (above).
  2. Click the Customize icon at the top right.
    Report options in upper right with arrow pointing towards the Customize icon.
  3. Click the Report Filters tab on the left
    1. Check the box for the Course Title filter.
    2. Check the box for the Employee Class filter.
    3. Click Save Customizations.
      Report Filter Customization window with arrows pointing towards the Report Filters option in the left navigation, the checkboxes for Course Title and Employee Class, and the Save Customizations button at the bottom.
  4. Back in the report, select a specific Course Title and click Submit to see data for only that course.
    Training History report showing pick lists for Course Title and Employee Class.

Additional customizations

There are other customization and options available for this report. Refer to the help documentation for the Training History report for more information.




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November 17, 2022