Recruitment CRM: Work with Case Queues

Available Filter Criteria for Queues

Queues are useful in managing workflows, ensuring that the correct employees get requests or appointments, and in reporting. The CRM tool can auto-filter many of the requests that come through a website or other sources, but is limited in the ways in which the information can be filtered. 

For Cases, only certain criteria can auto-filter into queues. These include:

  • Different entry portals, i.e. web pages, email addresses, etc. that create a Case.
  • Information provided in a form that maps to a particular field, i.e. freshman v transfer.

Limitations on Filtering for Queues

The body of the text cannot be used to contextually auto-filter.

Queues that are not auto-filtered can be created to house Cases. However, they cannot automatically assign the Case via the desired filter criteria. The Case will need to be moved after it has been received in the default or main Queue that was created.

For example, if you would like to have requests come through a web page, and you want requests that only include certain keywords in the body of the message to go to a particular counselor, you cannot cause them to be automatically reassigned. Someone will need to go into the Case and manually reassign it to a particular counselor's queue by updating the Case Owner field to either the User or Queue desired.

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