Recruitment CRM: Silverpop Fields of Interest in CRM

This informational article is meant to clarify some fields of interest within CRM that may not be entirely intuitive due to initial setup issues between Silverpop and Salesforce. It is important to understand the way these work in order to use Silverpop integration effectively.

Fields of Interest

There is a field on Contact called Prospect_Campus_of_Interest.  This holds all the campuses that have an active Prospect record for that campus.  This field exists because Silverpop couldn't initially query our custom Prospect object.

€¨On the Contact page, there is a viewable related list called Communication Preferences.  A record for a campus in this object means that the prospective student has opted out of email communications.

This related list will be visible to managers, and managers will be able to add or delete a record for their campus if someone calls or emails and asks to be opted out.  It may take an hour for the data to sync back with Silverpop, so if you delete a communication preference, you won't be able to email the contact right away.

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