Recruitment CRM: Don - Our Full Sandbox Environment

What is Don?

Don is what Salesforce calls a full sandbox. That means that it is a complete copy of the production system. It is a place for users to preview and test new features/fixes before they go into production. Don is also a good place for users to test out any new (business) process they have before implementing in production.

How do I log into Don?

  1. Go to

  2. Your username will be your email address with ".don" appended onto the end (e.g., [email protected])

  3. Login with your production password, unless you have manually changed your password for don

  4. Forgot your password? Click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page. If you do not get the email with password reset information within 30 min, open a Case for the internal support team

How often is Don refreshed?

Since Don is a sandbox, there is occoassionally a need to "refresh" the data. A refresh is a process where a sandbox is synced with the production system. This happens about 3 times per year. It is important to note that Don is only in sync with production immediately following this refresh, it is not a constant sync.

Test URLs for pages that interact with Don functionality may update as well. A list of current testing pages for use with the Don environment can be found on this Google Spreadsheet maintained by the CRM support team.

Why did I get an email address confirmation email?

When Don is refreshed from production, all user emails are wiped and reset to a system formatted (invalid) email address. This is so users don't receive unnecessary and confusing emails from a sandbox instance. However, since Don is used for testing, usually a batch email reset for the users we know access Don is performed.

Post-refresh, you may get an email message asking you to verify your email address. This is your user's email address that has been reset to be a valid email. You should follow the confirmation steps noted in the email. By default, users passwords are set to match their production password after a refresh, so use your prod password to login after a refresh (you may change it to something different once you log in, if you wish).

What if Don refreshed and I didn't get an email?

If you did not receive an email confirmation message post-refresh, login to Don with your Don username (email address with a ".don" after it) and your production password. Since you did not receive an email, likely your email address did not get reset. To verify your email address, go to your name in the upper right corner. In the dropdown menu, select My Profile. Underneath your profile picture on the left side, you will see your email address listed. If it is not your correct email, click the pencil icon above the email to begin editing your email information.

Correct your email in the pop up edit screen and click Save. Click OK in the popup confirmation window. You will now receive a confirmation email at the new address. You must confirm this by following the instructions in the email message. If you need regular testing access to Don, please open a case with the CRM team to get you on the list for the batch email reset that we run post-refresh.

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