PXE Configuration for SCCM UMN Site

PXE is a service used to setup subnets to leverage ConfigMgr Task Sequences for Operating Systems Deployment. PXE service needs to be configured in the subnet where you plan to PXE boot in order to image university-owned Windows computers on-campus.

Requesting PXE Configuration

Send a request to [email protected]. Below is text you can copy and edit in the body of your message.

If you would like to request a specific subnet be migrated to PXE boot to the new UMN site to leverage Operating System Deployment on the new site include the following:

Please convert <campus-designator> campus network <workgroup namePXE-UEFI configuration to UMN Site Operating System Deployment.

For <campus-designator>, the choices are TC, Crookston, Morris, or Rochester.

Escalation Path

The Service Desk should escalate these requests to T2 Voice and Data.