Proofpoint: Setting up your Account

The first time you send or receive a secure message you will be prompted to create an account to register with Proofpoint Encryption. You must receive a message to sign up for Proofpoint.

Note: The only way to create an account is by receiving a secure message. Do this by sending yourself an encrypted email by putting [encrypt] in the subject line with nothing in the body.

You will see the following message the first time you use Proofpoint Encryption:

Proofpoint Create an Account screen

  1. Enter your Email Address (i.e.: [email protected]) and then click Continue.
  2. Fill in the name fields and enter a password. Note: your password cannot contain spaces and is separate from your University password.
  3. Once all the fields have been filled in, click Continue.

The next time you want to read a secure message, you will be prompted to log in to Proofpoint Encryption using your password.

Proofpoint Login screen