Perceptive Content: New Capture and Index Process for Finance Employees

This job aid is for Finance employees who upload documents to Perceptive Content/Experience and pull in data from PeopleSoft.

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Capture and Index is the new capture and indexing method. This replaces the ReLink button (Gold Key) in Perceptive Content. While all indexing will happen within Perceptive Experience (the web client), capturing may happen via file upload in Perceptive Experience, scanning to Perceptive Content, or a combination of both.


If you do not already have access and would like to gain access to Perceptive Content or need additional access to documents, please submit a Perceptive Content/Experience ARF.

Your Perceptive Content password is the same as your Internet ID password. If you have issues with your password, please contact Technology Help.

Groups that have access to scan and index documents:

Group Name Permissions
F XX XXX Admin All rights granted

Create Documents

Interact with Documents in Workflow


Search Documents

View Documents

Download/Print Documents

Scanning / Printing with Perceptive Content

  1. Click on the Perceptive Content icon on your desktop or in your start menu 
    Perceptive Content desktop application icon
  2. Log in with your Internet ID and password.
  3. Scan your document using the Capture button or print the document into Perceptive using the ImageNow Printer and select the appropriate profile.
  4. Once files are captured in Perceptive Content open up a browser and log into Perceptive Experience for indexing.

Indexing Your Documents

  1. Log into Perceptive Experience to index documents.
  2. Click on the Capture and Indexing tile
  3. Click on your Workflow Process and then select your Indexing Queue.
    Capture and Indexing pane - the F AP Voucher Link 007 indexing queue is highlighted within the F AP Voucher workflow
  4. Click on the file you wish to index.
    list of files in the F AP Voucher Link 007 indexing queue

Indexing the Document with PeopleSoft Data

In the Document Properties (right-hand side), there are 2 ways to search for the EFS record. 

  • Quick Search:
  1. If you know the Voucher ID or Journal ID, enter it into the VoucherID / Journal ID field with the Magnifying Glass
    Document Properties pane with Voucher ID field filled in.
  2. Press the tab or enter key and a lookup will happen and populate the required fields.

NOTE: If there are multiple results returned, a window will pop up allowing for selection

  • Advanced Search:
  1. If you need to perform an advanced search using criteria other than the Voucher ID (or Journal ID), click on the Magnifying Glass to bring up the search window.
    Document Properties pane with all fields empty, magnifying glass is highlighted.
  2. Click the plus icon to add search criteria
    Voucher ID Search window, plus button is highlighted
  3. Select the field you want to search by (ex: invoice ID), enter a value in the field, then click Add
    Voucher Lookup window - Invoice ID is selected as the criteria, an invoice ID number is entereted, and the Add button is highlighted
  4. Once your search criteria is entered, click the Search button 
    Voucher ID Search window - voucher lookup is selected.  An invoice ID number is entered as the criteria, and the Search button is highlighted
  5. Select the correct result from the list
    Voucher Lookup Results window, only one result is present
  6. The results will be populated in the document fields
    Document Properties pane with all fields filled in

Routing Your Documents After Indexing

  1. Click the Send To button above the Document Properties to route the document forward.
    The Send To button is highlighted above the Document Properties pane


If you encounter errors, or have issues or questions about this process, please contact Technology Help.

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