MATLAB license reactivation

The UofM MATLAB license has been updated as of November 2019. Those who are using MATLAB with a "stand alone" license may need to obtain a new Activation Key and reactivate to continue using MATLAB beyond 11/30/2019.

Obtain a new activation key (students)

CSE students:

CFANS students:

Students with individual licenses through OIT will need to purchase a new MATLAB license to continue use MATLAB beyond the expiration date.

Student MATLAB purchase: Kivuto Store for students

Obtain a new activation key (for departments)

For licenses paid through 2019: you will receive a new activation key by email, or from your department or college if your license is part of a unit-wide license.

For licenses not paid for use beyond 2018: order a new license at Kivuto Store for departments


  1. Associate the new activation key with a MathWorks account
    Note: Current MATLAB users will already have a MathWorks account. This step associates the new license with an existing account.

    a. Login at
    b. In upper right corner, select Associate License
    c. Enter the new Activation Key
    d. A message "Success, your account is now associated..." is shown
  2. Activate the new license within MATLAB

    a. Start MATLAB
    b. On the MATLAB menus, see Help ->  Licensing -> Activate Software
    c. Select "Activate automatically using the Internet"
    d. Login to your MathWorks account when requested.
    e. The new license should be listed. Look for the label Individual (for students) or Campus (for departments). Select the new license.
    f. Continue through the activation dialog until you see "Activation is complete".

  3. Deactivate the old license
    If MATLAB still shows an expiration warning, deactivate the old license to remove the warning.
  1. Start MATLAB with admin-level access (in Windows, right click on MATLAB and select Run as administrator)
  2. On the MATLAB menu, see Help ->  Licensing -> Deactivate Software
  3. Deactivate the previous license. Since you have already activated the new license, you can ignore warnings that MATLAB will no longer work if you deactivate.
  4. Restart MATLAB and verify that it works and no longer shows an expiration warning. 

Additional Information

If for any reason MATLAB needs to be reinstalled, see the following directions: