Kaltura: Troubleshoot Issues with Kaltura Capture

This article addresses troubleshooting issues with uploading recordings and recording the desired source with KalturaCapture.

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If you are having trouble with Kaltura Capture, refer to the problems and solutions below. If you are encountering a problem that isn't listed below, contact Technology Help.

Mac: Problems Starting or Stopping Recording

When using Kaltura Capture on Mac, one of the following screen errors might display when attempting to start/stop your Kaltura Capture recording:

  • "Failed to stop recording. Please try again."
  • "Failed to load secondary device. Please restart the application."
  • "Failed to load audio device. Please restart the application."

Solution: Enable Privacy Settings on Mac 

Follow the steps at How to Enable Privacy Settings for Kaltura Capture on Mac for more information.

Recording Doesn't Finish Uploading

After finishing a recording in Kaltura Capture and selecting Save & Upload, some users have reported that the Library screen shows a recording as Pending, and other cases where a cancelled upload says Canceling, but neither of these complete after waiting for minutes or hours.

Solution: Relaunch Kaltura Capture and Re-Upload

  1. Quit Kaltura Capture. Closing Kaltura Capture will not cause your recording to disappear from the Library screen.
    Note: If using Kaltura Capture on Windows, restart your computer as well.
  2. Re-open Kaltura Capture. 
  3. Select Manage.
  4. Select Re-Upload for the recording that you want to upload. The recording should then upload to your Kaltura account, and you can publish it using Publishing Your Video to Canvas or MediaSpace. You will get a notification when the media upload completes, and an additional email from Kaltura when the recording is ready.

In a Multi-Source Recording, Camera View Appears Large, Screen Recording Small (PIP)

You can use Kaltura Capture to record both your screen and your camera. Upon playback, the primary source appears large in the background, and the secondary source appears inset (picture-in-picture, also known as PIP) in the lower right. Viewers can:

  • swap the two sources
  • show them side by side
  • show just one source 

We recommend setting Kaltura Capture to show the Screen on the left side of the recording control panel, making it the primary source. Camera should be to the right as the secondary source.

If Kaltura Capture has a camera on the left and a screen on the right, and you want to swap the two for future recordings so the screen recording appears as the larger of the two sources upon playback, follow the steps below. 

Solution: Make Screen Recording the Primary Source

Note: For these steps to work, you will need a third source (either a second monitor or a second webcam) connected to your computer.

Since these steps can be difficult to follow in text, please review this 3-minute screen recording about working with multiple sources in Kaltura Capture

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