Kaltura: Improve and Manage Automatic Captions

When videos are uploaded to Kaltura in Canvas and MediaSpace, they are automatically captioned. This is done through the use of automatic speech recognition (ASR), which scans the audio track for spoken English.

Information for Instructors and Staff: Captioning Accuracy 

ASR captions are about 80% accurate and do not meet disability accommodation requirements. Think of these captions as a first draft.

If you are providing captioning as an accommodation to a student, the captions should be reviewed and edited to meet disability accommodation requirements. If you are not providing accommodation for a student, you are not otherwise required to ensure the accuracy of the ASR caption. However, if you plan to reuse video content in the future, it is a good idea to start planning for this work. 

Edit Automatic Captioning 

Remove Automatic Captioning 

  • Once the video is created, if you do not want captions you can Remove Automatic Captions.
  • Currently, there is no way to prevent automatic caption creation on a per-course or per-video basis. If you wish to follow up with OIT Video & Conferencing staff, please contact [email protected].


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