Jamf: Self Service

Self Service is a desktop application used by OIT to deliver applications, software updates, and OS upgrades to Managed University Apple devices using Jamf Pro. Self Service allows you to install available applications without administrator privileges. Watch the Self Service Overview video from Jamf Software for more details. Self Service requires an Internet connection to properly function.

This article will help you complete the following:


Launching Self Service

 1. Click on the Spotlight icon in the top right of macOS. It is a small spyglass icon.

 macOS Spotlight icon

2. Type Self Service

Spotlight search window

3. Click on Self Service from the search results. 

Self Service home page


Installing An Application

1. Select an application you would like to install. The application version that will be installed is shown on the Install button. For example, the button Install 91.0 will install Firefox.

Self Service firefox hightlighted

2. Click the Install button. The button will become a progress wheel until it is complete.

Self Service firefox install progress view

When the application completes, the button will change to a green check mark with the word Done.

Self Service firefox installed


Manually Install OS updates

Apple Software Updates can be run from the Featured section on your Self Service Home screen. This action will not install macOS Major version updates, for example, it will not upgrade from macOS Catalina to macOS Big Sur. 

1. Select Home from the left column if you need to locate the Featured section. 

2. Click the button Update under Apple Software Updates to check for and install available macOS software updates. 


Installing Application Updates

Updates to software titles outside automatic update periods may be installed through Self Service.

If you have not disabled Notification Center in macOS, Self Service will use macOS Alerts and Badges to notify you of available application updates. 

To update a software title through Self Service outside the automatic updates window: 

1. Select Notifications from the left side column of Self Service.

2. Click Update next to the title you want to update.

Self Service Notifications and available firefox update


Logging into Self Service

Items such as some printers, licensed software or department specific settings may require logging into Self Service to access. 

1. Select Log In from the bottom left corner of Self Service. 

Self Service Log In hightlighted

2. Log in using your UofM Internet ID.

Self Service Log In Screen