Jadu Forms: Test Your Form on a Mobile Simulator

You can use a simulator to test your form for mobile use. This will help you determine what adjustments you can make to improve your design.

General considerations

  1. When setting up fields on a form, verify that they are an acceptable width for use on a mobile device.
  2. Tables can be problematic on mobile devices. Too many columns make it hard to read.

Choose a mobile simulator

There are many simulators available for use. Here are a few examples:

  • Mobile Emulator v2.2
  • Responsinator
  • Google Chrome Device Mode
    1. Launch Chrome
    2. Turn on Device Mode:
      • Windows: press F12 when on your form
      • Mac: Command+Shift+P
    3. Click the Toggle Device icon to the left of the elements tab
    4. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to change the phone type
      NOTE: Do not close Developer Mode or you will loose the simulator

Test your form

Once you have selected a simulator, test your form. Note how the form behaves and looks on the different size screens.

Fix anything that is not behaving or reading right due to the fluid nature of a phone screen.


Last modified

March 5, 2021