Jadu Forms - Integrated Components: UMN - Person Lookup

UMN - Person Lookup

Description: Allows submitters to search for a person by entering either an internetID or emplid and displays the person's Preferred Name and Email Address.

  • Note: The UMN - Person Lookup integrated component can only be used on forms that are behind the UofM sign-in page. This requirement will be verified at the time of migration.

Source System: Common Data Layer

Fields Displayed on Form:

  • Preferred Full Name
  • Email Address

Additional data available to Form Builder:

  • Internet ID
  • Emplid
  • Preferred First Name
  • Preferred Middle Name
  • Preferred Last Name
  • Primary Full Name
  • Primary First Name
  • Primary Middle Name
  • Primary Last Name

Form Builder Setup Required

  1. Add UMN - Person Lookup integrated component onto a page.
  2. Add the page to the Form Structure. After adding the page, you will see the following required input in the Page Setup section:
    1. Allow Submitter to Edit Email Address? Choose whether the Email Address returned can be edited by the submitter.
      Jadu forms, page setup. Allow Submitter to Edit Email address expanded with dropdown options Yes and No.
  3. Select Save.

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