Jadu Forms: Add Form Data to an Action Template

In your action template, you may include form data called Form variables. Form variables include:  

  • Questions and answers on the form
  • Values from logic formula on the form
  • Standard variables (metadata)

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Inserting a Form Variable

Action templates have three methods for inserting a form variable. The available method(s) on each action template can vary depending on the field type.

  • # Variable
    • The #Variable button appears to the right of some text fields.
    • When clicked, a list of the form variables appears.
    • After selecting a form variable, it appears in the text field.

Jadu XFP forms text field. Variable button is located to the right of the text field.

  • Insert Placeholder 
    • The Insert Placeholder button appears at the top of a text editor.
    • When clicked, a list of the form variables appears.
    • After selecting a form variable, it appears in the text editor.
      Jadu forms text editor. Insert placeholder menu option is highlighted.

  • Field Selection 
    • The Create PDF of Submission and Perceptive Content - Submit Data action templates require fields to be selected in a dropdown. These dropdowns show the form variables in a slightly different format from the methods above.
      Field selection

Field Types

Some field types that you map will affect which option should be selected in the form variable list.

  • Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio Buttons 
    • These field types have two options available in the form variable list.
    • The label populates the text for the option selected.
    • The value populates the unique id for the option selected.
      • # Variable/Insert Placeholder
        Jadu field types. Choose label or value menu.
      • Field Selection
        Field Selection
  • Integrated Components 
    Integrated components sometimes pull in multiple pieces of data behind-the-scenes. An integrated component will have an option in the form variable list for each piece of data that the integrated component contains.

    Example: The "UMN - Name - First Name" component shows the preferred name for a user, but also has the primary name in the background.
    • # Variable/Insert Placeholder
      Choose data from Integrated Component
    •  Field Selection
      In field selection, it is important that you not choose the first option. This returns all data that the integrated component contains in a single text field.
      Choose a field from Integrated Component

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