Jadu CXM: Create Rules

Rules provide a flexible way of automating actions based on triggers within a case. Rules are most commonly used for:

  • sending reminders
  • auto-transitioning a case
  • auto-closing a case

Creating a New Rule

  1. Open your case type in CXM
  2. Click the Rules tab
  3. Click New Rule
  4. Enter a meaningful Name to describe the action
    • Example: Approval Reminder - 7 days
  5. When defines what will trigger the rule. 
    • The first field defines the trigger. Two common triggers are:
      • Time in status: triggers when a case within a selected status has been in that status for the defined amount of time.
        • If a case transitions out of a status and later returns to that status, the timer resets.
      • Transition Applied: triggers when the selected transition applies to the case
    • The remaining fields in the row dynamically update to reflect the selected trigger.
      • Example: When Time in status (Pending Approval) reaches 7 days
        CXM rules tab. Sample rule name "Approval reminder - 7 days". When time in status pending approval reaches 7 days
  6. Then defines a list of actions to perform for each case where the When action has happened.
    • The first field defines the action. Two common actions are:
      • Send an email: Sends an email about the case using an Email Template.
        • Choose an email type case field
      • Apply Transition: Attempts to apply the selected transition to the case.
        • Note: The case must be in one of the transition's from statuses at the time the rule executes.
    • Actions execute in the order in which they are defined.
      • Example: Send an email using template Approval Reminder to the Approver Email field value
        Jadu CXM Sample THEN send email
  7. Click Save

Note: For more information about rule options, please gp to the vendor documentation about Rules

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