History of Data Warehouse

This timeline offers a general history of how enterprise data management and reporting has evolved over the past 30 years. 

  • Data Warehouse (DW) implemented on IBM mainframe using DB2 as the database.
  • Application System (AS) implemented as mainframe reporting tool to access DW.
  • Registration (RRDB) and Space (SPAM) are initial subject areas created in DW.
  • Additional subject areas added to DW:  Financial Aid (FARDB), Retention (AARDB), Financial (FDRDB), etc.
  • Menu driven reporting systems released in AS, featuring Staff Demographic (SDRDB) and Financial (FRDB) data, providing easier access to DW content.
  • Client Server environment for DW piloted with the Carlson School, using Sybase as the database, DOS based Paradox as the client, and class registration data as the subject area.
  • Additional subject areas added to client server environment, migrating from DB2.
  • Additional tools offered as supported clients, e.g. Microsoft Excel and Access, Foxpro.
  • Foxpro based Query Builder app written and distributed for use with client server DW.
  • Web based Query Builder, written in REXX to provide web access to DW.
  • Financial Reports on the Web site developed in REXX, featuring parameter driven financial reports.
  • Clarity, a parameter driven reporting tool written in Microsoft ASP by the Arts, Sciences and Engineering Provost's Office was taken over by OIT when ASE was eliminated and released U wide as UM Reports.
  • Oracle version of DW released with implementation of Peoplesoft Student and HR, initially featuring student registration (DWSR) and HR (DWHR) subject areas.
  • AS reporting and DB2 DW environments retired.
  • Additional Peoplesoft based subject areas released in Oracle DW, e.g. Tuition, Financial Aid, Payroll as well as non-Peoplesoft subject areas:  CUFS financials , Applicant Tracking,  Space Management, Non-credit Class Registrations, etc.
  • Web based metadata site created for DW in Microsoft ASP.
  • Web based Query Builder rewritten in Microsoft .NET, using Oracle DW as source.
  • Sybase retired as a DW environment.
  • Peoplesoft financial data made available through DW and UM Reports.
  • UM Analytics (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) purchased as eventual replacement for existing reporting and analytics tools.
  • Financial pilot of UM Analytics content.
  • UM Analytics made available with local content from the Office of Planning and Analysis and Facilities Management.
  • Financial Reports on the Web site retired.
  • UM Analytics content delivered included Tuition & Fee Management System Reporting and Grade Distribution Reporting through Academic Support Resources (ASR)
  • UM Analytics reports and dashboards content delivered included Spans & Layers, Degrees and Certificates Awarded, New Freshman Characteristics, and Official Enrollment Statistics
  • Establishment of an enterprise prioritization process for data and reporting
  • Established enterprise architecture for the new Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Began development of the Subject Areas: Grants, Projects and Contracts sponsored projects data and course enrollment data to the Enterprise Data Warehouse and UM Analytics for ad hoc reporting.