Google Custom Search: Configure the UMN Search Module in Drupal Lite

The UMN Search Settings module comes with default configurations on all Drupal Lite sites. There are also some configuration options available to customize the search experience on your site.

Decide where search results will be displayed

The UMN Search module has two options for displaying results:

    • When visitors use the search box on your site, it will display the results on the University's page.
  • A page on your site
    • When visitors use the search box on your site, the results will be displayed on a page within your site. By default, this will be https://yoursite/search/results
    • If you have Google Analytics enabled for your site, you can view search statistics in your Analytics account.
    • By default, the entire University will be searched. There is an option to limit the search results only to specific site(s).

Access the UMN Search Settings

These options are only available to users with either the Site Owner or Site Administrator role.

To configure your search settings:

  1. Click Custom Settings in your site's admin bar
  2. Go to the Advanced section
  3. Click Manage Custom Search Settings
    1. If you do not see the Manage Custom Search Settings option, please contact the site owner or site administrator

Configure Your Search

On the UMN Search Options page you will see the following configuration options:

the search options for when go to is selected

If the option to have the results be on a page on your site, there will be additional options available:

the search options for when go to a page on my site is selected

CSE Selection Dropdown

This is where you select which Custom Search Engine (CSE) to use for searches on your site. There is a Custom Search Engine for each campus (Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, Twin Cities), as well as one for All Campuses. You will probably want to select either your home campus or All Campuses

Results Page Selection

This lets you choose where your search results are displayed.

Note: if you select this option, the On-Site Search Options box will not be displayed.

On-Site Search Options

Displaying search results on your own site gives you some additional configuration options:

Site Restriction Options

You can further refine what sites to include in searches by including URLs in this box.

  • Entering URLs here will limit search results to the specified sites only.
  • A link will be included on your results page to allow users to repeat the search against the entire Custom Search Engine you've selected.
  • Enter one URL per line. Do not include http:// or https://

Results Page Path

This page is created automatically. It determines the path on your site to show your search results.

  • By default, this is set to /search/results if you host results on your site
  • To change the default, enter the new path name in the format /yourtexthere

People Search Setting

This setting lets you choose whether you want People Search results to be included on your web search results page.

  • If you select this setting, the search results page will display the first 3 People Search results.
  • If there are more than 3 People Search results, the user will see a link to 'view more people search results'. That link will go to the Lookup page.

Save Configuration

Click the Save Configuration button.


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