Enterprise Data: Legacy Warehouse Subject Areas

For an indepth look at subject areas in the Legacy data warehouse, use this link:

Data Dictionary

Subject Areas

Below is a list of the subject areas:

Student data:

DWAD - Admissions (DWAD)

DWEA - Education Abroad (DWEA)

DWFA - Financial Aid (DWFA)

DWGR - Graduate School (DWGR)

DWSA - Student Enrollment (DWSA)

DWSF - Student Financials (DWSF)

DWSR - Course (DWSR)

DWTA - Tuition Attribution (DWTA)

DWNC - Non-Credit (DWNC)

DWPC - Program and Curriculum (DWPC) pcas

DWSL - Student Loan (DWSL)

HR and Payroll data:

DWHR - HR-Job,Demographics and Training (DWHR)

DWPY - Payroll (DWPY)      

Finance data:

DWEF - Enterprise Financial Data(DWEF)

Other data:

DWSP - Space (DWSP)

Subject Area Contacts:

List of contacts for subject areas.