Enterprise CRM: Add a Google Doc

Google Docs within CRM allow you to associate Google items from your Drive to records within CRM. Prior to adding a Google Doc to a record you may want to check with your internal business processes to ensure that you are using them in the way that your business unit is intending for them to be used.

What Are My Privacy Options?

This will depend what Object/record type you are on. To get more information review Understand Privacy Settings.

Adding a Google Doc

Note: Depending on the Object/record you are creating the Task from, some of these fields may already be filled in with information. (i.e. creating from an Opportunity will fill in Related To section) 

  1. Navigate to the record you'd like to add the Google Doc to. 
  2. Once on the record there are two way to get to adding a Google Doc:
    • At the top of the record hovering over the text for Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments brings up a window where the Add Google Doc button is able to be clicked.
    • Further down on the page underneath the Detail there is a Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments section of the page where there is an Add Google Doc button that is able to the clicked.
  3. Once on the Add Existing Google Doc page you are able to add a Google Doc Name and a Google Doc URL.
    • Note: Since you are making a Public Google Doc associated with a record ensure that the Sharing settings on the Google Doc are appropriate for the audience.
  4. When done adding the name and sharing link click Save to be brought to the record.

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