Drupal Lite: Remove Collaborators from a Site

Anyone who has the Access Manager role can cancel any account.

  1. Select Manage in the main Administration Menu.
  2. Select People in the sub-menu. A table listing all people that have access to the site is displayed.
  3. Locate the person and click the Edit button in the Operations column.
  4. Select Cancel Account at the bottom of the edit screen. The cancel account options page is displayed.
  5. Choose the option for what to do with the account and all content created by the person.
    1. If the option Delete the account and its content is selected, all content created by the person will be deleted. This is a permanent deletion, and cannot be undone.
    2. Do not check the box for Require email confirmation to cancel account. Because Drupal Lite sites use central authentication, this function does not work in Drupal.
  6. Select Cancel Account.

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