Drupal Lite: Define a New Feed

Many sites on the internet publish their content as news feeds. In your Drupal Lite site, you can define a source for a feed and add it as custom content to a page. Here is an example of CNN top news stories:

example of a news feed being displayed on the right hand side of a drupal lite site.

Define a New Feed in your Drupal Lite site

  1. Log in to your Drupal Lite site
  2. Select Custom Settings in the administration menu
  3. Select Advanced in the left sidebar
  4. Select Feed Aggregator Settings
  5. Select Add feed near the top of the page
    1. Provide a Title for the feed
    2. Enter the URL for the feed
    3. Select an update interval
    4. Select the number of items you wish to display (if the feed has more items, a More link will be displayed)
  6. Select Save

In the Feed Aggregator overview, your new feed should be listed. It will probably have 0 items. Click the Update Items in the operations column to fetch the latest items from the feed.

You can now add your news feed to a page. Please refer to the article Drupal Lite: Add Additional Content to a Page

Finding News Feeds

There are many ways to find news feeds. If you have a particular source in find, visit their site and search for news feeds. Alternatively, use a search engine and the phrase "news feed [source]" -- i.e., "news feed msnbc" or "news feed cnn".

There is a nice list of news feeds on the Utah Education Network website

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