Drupal Lite: Add a Google Map Custom Block to a Page

This article applies to Drupal Lite.

A small Google Map can be added to a page using a Custom Block.

You must have the Contributor role to add custom blocks to a page.

Add a Google Map Custom Block

  1. Log in to the Drupal Lite site.
  2. Locate the page to edit.
  3. Select Layout.
  4. Select Add Block in the section to add the map. The Choose a Block palette is displayed.
    1. Select Create Custom Block at the top of the palette.
    2. Select Google Map. The configure block window is displayed.
    3. Enter a Title.
      • If you do not want the title to appear above the map, deselect Display Title.
    4. Enter the address.
    5. Select Add Block. The configure block window closes and the edit layout is displayed.
  5. Select Save Layout at the top of the page.

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