Drupal Enterprise: Site Backup Policy

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise configuration.


Acquia Cloud makes a daily backup of each database and keeps it for three days.

To manually retrieve a copy of your most recent database backup, typically around 1:00am CST, you can: 

  1. Log in to Drupal Management
  2. Navigate to any of the sites that you have been listed as an owner on
    • If you are not listed as a site owner in Drupal Management but you should be, have an existing site owner request that you be added by submitting a Drupal Support Request form.
  3. Select the respective Download button for the environment in which you want the database backup
  4. The database file download will begin

You can submit a Drupal Support Request form for a manual backup to be initiated, at which point you can return to Drupal Management and download the newly-created backup. Backups generated manually by OIT will be retained for 90 days.


The code is in a site's personal repository on github.umn.edu. You also can keep local copies of it. Refer to the GitHub@UMN policies for specific retention information.  

Note: The OIT Drupal platform does not currently support site owners storing their site repositories on the UMN Github Cloud instance. We will send an announcement to our Drupal Enterprise Platform Google Group when that option becomes available. Presently, site owners must store their site repositories in the University On-Premise instance Github.umn.edu.


Acquia Cloud (the vendor which hosts OIT Drupal sites) makes internal disaster recovery snapshots of sites, but these are not available for customers for normal backup purposes. The disaster recovery backups are only used in the event that the Acquia server itself is rendered unusable and are not available for ad-hoc backups.  

OIT produces disaster-recovery file backups on a nightly basis. 

Both backups are not intended for single-file restorations. For concerns regarding lost, deleted, or misplaced single files, it is recommended that site owners maintain their own file backups if they would like to restore individual files. 

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