Drupal: Consultants Available through UWide Contract

University units moving to Drupal will be able to hire consultants through University-wide contracts.

University IT has selected consultants with whom to enter into University-wide contract(s). These consultants will be available to collegiate and non-collegiate units, at University-negotiated rates, to assist with the move from their current web content management system to the University-wide Drupal platform, and to help with website development and implementation.

To view the information about the consultants:

  1. Go to the University-wide Contracts website.
  2. Click Category to sort the listings in alphabetical order by category.
  3. Scroll to the Drupal Consultants and Drupal Consulting categories.
  4. Click (View Agreement) underneath the name of the consultant in the Supplier column to view information and hourly rates for that specific consultant group.

NOTE: Contract Agreements with Drupal Consultants are valid until 12/31/2022 per University Wide Contracts.

Some of the consultant services that will be available include:

  • Drupal website development
  • Custom Drupal responsive theme development
  • Drupal website design
  • Custom template design
  • Drupal best practices implementation
  • Migration from current web content management solution to University-wide Drupal platform
  • Incorporation of usability and accessibility features in website design
  • Design websites for mobile devices
  • Design websites with integration to social media
  • Quality Assurance (QA) design and testing
  • Database incorporation in website design
  • Build websites capable of being efficiently maintained in-house after migration has been completed

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