Donor Management System (DMS): Handling Unsubscribe Requests for DMS Data Extensions

Unsubscribe requests for DMS-sourced Data Extensions are recorded in DMS.

Every DMS Data Extension request submitted to UMF-IS specifies a default unsubscribe level, selected from a list of available choices.

When a recipient of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud email unsubscribes from a given unit, department, publication, etc., that recipient's DMS record is updated to reflect what they do not want to receive via email.

Consider unsubscribes as a hierarchical tree.

  • University
    • Campus
      • Unit/College
        • Department/Division
          • specific subscription

Someone who opts OUT at the University level, and has not opted IN to another unit and/or to a specific subscription, will not be included in a Data Extension (email list) generated from DMS.

Specific Subscriptions

There are specific "branded" subscriptions to which people can opt OUT or opt IN within DMS.

These can be located at the Campus, Unit/College, or Department/Division level.

For example, U of M Morris's alumni newsletter "E-Express" has a specific branded subscription. They have specified this as their default unsubscribe level.

Subscription Training Resources

More information and training videos about subscriptions are available for people with DMS access.

These DMS resources are available only to people with DMS access from internet addresses, and UofMN login is required.

After you login to the DMS home page, additional DMS training resources can be found on the left-hand side under Training.

Select Training Videos for more detailed information on subscriptions and other DMS modules.

The Subscriptions section of the DMS Constituent Management documentation describes subscriptions as they relate to individual DMS records.


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