Donor Management System (DMS): Footers in Email sent to DMS Data Extensions

All commercial emails must include an unsubscribe (opt-out) link, a privacy policy link, and other content described below.

This required info is usually included in the footer of the email.

All emails sent to addresses sourced from DMS are usually considered to be commercial.
The few exceptions include receipts for donations or purchased items, internal office staff emails, or event confirmations, which might be transactional rather than commercial.

Commercial emails sent to DMS-sourced email addresses must include:

  • Name and postal address of sender
  • Privacy Policy link
  • Unsubscribe link
  • link (used only on emails to DMS-sourced addresses)

Footers from University Relations in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To help you conform with legal and policy requirements, University Relations has created footers and shared them with you in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The footers for use with DMS Data Extensions are named Footer DMS.  To add one of these footers to your email or template, navigate to the appropriate Footers folder in Shared Folders.
Navigate to the appropriate DMS footer in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Select the Footer DMS from the appropriate Footers folder.
Select the appropriate Footer DMS in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
In case you are sending a transactional email to a DMS Data Extension, remove the Unsubscribe link from Footer DMS. When in doubt, leave it in place.

Good Footer Content

An explanation of why someone is receiving an email might prevent them from unsubscribing.

The explanation should state why they are on this list.
For example, "This email was sent to English department Alumni", or "This email was sent to Donors and Alumni to the School of Journalism."

If you are using Footer DMS from University Relations, remember to change the placeholder word RECIPIENTS as appropriate for your email.

Create your footer manually

If you don't use Footer DMS from University Relations, and create your footer manually, be sure to include required information.

  • Business unit address - your unit's contact information (name and postal address) must be at the bottom of your emails.
  • Privacy Statement link - required on all external communication, this link must be included on all commercial emails. Link to
  • Unsubscribe link - required for all commercial email, this link uses DMS to process unsubscribe requests. You can manually create an unsubscribe link in Salesforce Marketing Cloud by using the Personalization String %%unsub_center_url%% to refer to data in your DMS Data Extension. This unsubscribe link will point to the UMF Unsubscribe Page, and DMS will be updated to reflect their unsubscribe preferences. All commercial email must provide a way to unsubscribe for 30 days after the send. You must honor an unsubscribe request within 10 days of receipt of an email.
  • link - allows people to submit information to the University of Minnesota Foundation to update their record in DMS.  Link to


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