CLA Career Readiness RATE tool within Canvas

Using RATE with Canvas (for Instructors)

Adding an assignment

  • Select "external tool" and click the "find" button. Select "CLA Career Readiness RATE".
  • Select scoring criteria if you'd like.  A completed RATE will count as 100%. Generally we'd recommend the "completed/not completed" option.  
  • We recommend you check the box for "open in a new tab" to give your students plenty of space to write.
  • After clicking "save", you must click the "Open in a new window" button to complete your setup. Add any additional instructions you'd like to present to your students.  For a full overview of the available RATE Assignment options, visit <coming soon> the RATE help section.

Once you've completed these setup steps, the RATE assignment will work just like any other assignment within Canvas.  

Scoring an Assignment

  • If you'd like to add in-depth feedback to student responses, you can use Speedgrader.  From the gradebook, click on the assignment and then click "Speedgrader". Follow the RATE link to view each student's response.


  • RATE requires that you use a University of Minnesota InternetId that has an employee ID or student ID attached to it.  A departmental or sponsored account won't be able to complete the RATE setup or complete a RATE assignment.
  • If you receive an error indicating that you don't have an employee ID listed, but you're using a normal personal InternetId, try exiting your browser and restarting.
  • RATE should work on Safari/Chrome/Firefox and Edge, as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices.  The video recording functionality will work best in Chrome or on mobile devices.

Escalation Path:

Tier 2 †’ CLA TEL

Tier 3 †’ CLA TEL / Colin McFadden (mcfa0086)