Canvas: View Your Course Site on the Student App

As an instructor, you should assume your students will be accessing their course sites using the Canvas Student Mobile App. You should review your course site using the student app to see how it looks to them. 

Viewing your course site on the student mobile app

To view your course site on the mobile app, you must first publish your course site and mark it as a Favorite on your Dashboard.

On your computer

  1. Go to your course site home page.
  2. Click Publish in the top, right-hand corner of the home page. The Publish button will turn green, noting that your course site is now published and viewable from the mobile app.
  3. Click Courses in the Canvas Global Menu.
  4. Follow the directions to customize your course list.
    • Make sure that the course site you want to view on the mobile app is marked as a "Favorite" on your course list.

On your mobile device

  1. Install the Canvas Student App for the type of mobile device you use.
  2. Go into the app on your mobile device and look at your course site. You will be seeing exactly what students see when they view it.

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