Canvas: Use Proctorio with a Canvas Quiz

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Please review Guidance for Instructors Regarding Online Assessments and e-Proctoring before using Proctorio in your course site.

Installing the Proctorio Extension

Note: You must use Google Chrome browser to install the Proctorio Extension.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go
    Get Proctorio Chrome Extension page
  3. Select Click Here to download the extension. A new window opens.
    Chrome web store, Extensions, Proctorio page
  4. Click Add to Chrome. Another window opens with details about what this extension can do.
    Add "Proctorio"? window listing what the extension can do
  5. Click Add extensionThe Proctorio shield icon is added to your browser's extension area.
    Chrome browser extension area; Proctorio shield icon highlighted

If you don't see the Proctorio shield: 

  1. Click on the Extensions icon .
  2.  Pin the Proctorio extension. It should now appear in your browser area.

Enabling Proctorio in a Canvas Course

You need to enable Secure Exam Proctor for each Canvas course where you plan to use Proctorio. If you see Secure Exam Proctor in the Course Navigation menu, it has already been enabled and you do not need to complete these steps.

To enable Secure Exam Proctor:

  1. Go to Settings within your Canvas course.
  2. Click on the Navigation tab.
  3. Find Secure Exam Proctor in the list of items.
    Canvas course settings; Navigation tab; Secure Exam Proctor highlighted
  4. Click on the 3-dot ellipses on the right in the Secure Exam Proctor box. A drop-down menu will appear.
  5. Select Enable. The page will reload and Secure Exam Proctor will appear in the list of enabled navigation tools near the top half of the page.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. The page will reload, and Secure Exam Proctor will now be listed in the Course Navigation menu.

Adding Proctorio to a Quiz

Important Notes

  • Proctorio can be used with both Classic and New Quizzes.
  • All Proctorio quizzes must have a time limit.
  • Canvas quiz options automatically let students see correct answers once they have submitted the quiz. If you do not want students to see correct answers until everyone takes the test, you must uncheck that box in the Canvas quiz setting area. See What Options Can I set in a Quiz? for instructions.
  • Review and consider using the Sample Proctorio Quiz Instructions for your quiz.

Add Proctorio to a Classic Quiz

  1. Click Quizzes in the Course Navigation menu.
  2. Click on the name of the quiz you would like to add Proctorio to.
  3. Click on the Edit button at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down to the Quiz Restrictions area.
  5. Check Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor.
  6. Click the link to the Proctorio Settings tab.
    Proctorio Settings Tab in the Canvas Quiz editing page
  7. Notice the additional settings that appear when you click to enable Proctorio. You do not need to do anything with these, but they will look like the screenshot below.

Add Proctorio to a New Quiz

  1. Click Quizzes in the Course Navigation menu.
  2. Click on the name of the quiz you would like to add Proctorio to.
  3. Click on the Build button at the lower right of the page.
    New Quiz Build button
  4. Click on Settings in the upper left menu.
    New Quiz Settings button
  5. In the bottom left enable the toggle Enable Proctorio.
    Enable Proctorio slider on

Using Proctorio Settings 

Proctorio has updated the user interface for the Instructor Exam Settings. Whether you use a Classic Quiz or a New Quiz, you have the option to choose Proctorio's New Settings and enable this for use on a per exam basis. It is recommended that instructors try this initially on a practice or low-stakes exam.

Important Notes

  • If you want to use the New Settings, you must select it prior to saving the Quiz in Canvas. Otherwise, the quiz will use Proctorio's Old Settings by default:
    1. Go to the Proctorio Settings area of the quiz.
    2. Select New Settings. A slightly different user interface will appear.
      Proctorio Old Settings and New Settings options with New Settings underlined
  • You must be using the Google Chrome Browser and have the Proctorio Chrome Extension installed to see these options in the Quiz Restrictions area.
  • You cannot change Proctorio settings once any student begins the test.

Once you have added Proctorio to a Quiz, you can adjust the settings accordingly. Follow the steps and recommendations for the type of quiz you will be giving.

  1. Be in Edit mode for the quiz you are going to use with Proctorio.
  2. Click on the Proctorio Settings tab near the top of the page.
    Proctorio Settings Tab in the Canvas Quiz editing page
  3. Click on the pictures to enable the Proctorio settings for the quiz based on the recommendations and notes for the type of quiz you will be giving. Enabled Proctorio settings will have a Blue border around them.
  4. Click Save if you plan to continue editing the quiz, or click Save & Publish if you would like your students to see the quiz.

Recommended settings for high-stakes quizzes or exams

Important Notes for high-stakes exams

  • Add a Proctorio practice quiz for students to try the settings you will be requiring for any high-stakes exams.
  • If you are planning on having your students take an exam in a computer lab, do not enable the Verify Video or Verify Audio.
  • Students without video capability will not be able to enter the exam if you enable the Record Video option. 
  • Allow a 2-3 day window for students to take the exam. Students may experience connectivity issues because recording requires more bandwidth. Suggest if they are having problems they test at a different time to avoid the internet rush hours.

Set the following Recording Options

  • Record Video
  • Record Audio 
  • Record Screen
  • Record Web Traffic
  • Record Desk (Scan at Start)
    Record video, record audio, record screen, record web traffic, scan at start all selected

Set the following Lock Down Options

  • Force Full Screen (Moderate (15s))
  • Only One Screen
  • No New Tabs (Option: In Quiz Links Only)
  • Close Open Tabs
  • Disable Printing
  • Disable Clipboard
  • Disable Extensions
  • Block Downloads
  • Clear Cache
  • Disable Right Click
  • Prevent Re-entry (Re-entry with Agent)
    Select Moderate (15s) and all others except

Set the following Verification Options

  • Verify Video
  • Verify Audio
  • Auto ID Check 
    Verify video, Verify Audio, Auto ID Check are selected

Recommended settings for low-stakes quizzes and exams

Turn off all Recording Options

  • Record Screen
  • Record Web Traffic

Recording Options, Record Screen and Record Web Traffic selected

Set the following Lock Down Options

  • Force Full Screen (Moderate (15s))
  • Only One Screen
  • No New Tabs
  • Close Open Tabs
  • Disable Printing
  • Disable Clipboard
  • Disable Extensions
  • Disable Right Click
    Moderate (15s), Only One Screen, No New Tabs, Close Open Tabs, Disable Printing, Disable Clipboard, Disable Extensions, Disable Right Click all selected. Block Downloads, Clear Cache, and Prevent Re-entry not selected

Set the following Verification Options.

  • Auto ID Check (Optional)
    Auto ID Check selected

Reviewing student submissions in Proctorio

  1. Navigate to Quizzes in the course site you are working in.
  2. Select the quiz you would like to review.
  3. Click on View Proctorio Gradebook on the left of the page. This will take you to the Gradebook for this exam where you will be guided through a tutorial to review submissions. 

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