Canvas: Understand Classic Quizzes vs. New Quizzes

When instructors make a new quiz by clicking the +Quiz button on the Quizzes page, a window will appear prompting instructors to select either Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes.

  • Classic Quizzes is the quiz tool that has been available since our transition to Canvas. The tool is being phased out by Instructure with no set end-of-life date at this point. 
  • New Quizzes is a modern quizzing engine with more question types and quiz setting functionality. 

New Quizzes is ready for general use unless there is a specific quizzing need that has not yet been developed in New Quizzes. For a detailed comparison of features, refer to the Canvas New Quizzes vs Classic quizzes comparison chart.

Understanding Limitations of New Quizzes

Instructure continues to add new features to New Quizzes. However, some limitations remain:

  • There are accessibility issues with hot-spot question types, matching question types, and table headers.
  • New Quizzes does not have a direct option to create a survey-type quiz; however, you can configure the settings in New Quizzes to behave like the survey-type quiz in Classic Quizzes. 
  • Instructors cannot revert from New Quizzes to Classic Quizzes.
  • People enrolled in the course as Designers cannot edit New Quizzes.

Understanding expectations moving forward with New Quizzes

Feel free to begin building assessments using New Quizzes. Eventually, New Quizzes will replace Classic Quizzes, and there will be more communication on that transition once the timeline is fully established. Reach out to Academic Technology Support Services or your Academic Technology support contact with questions.

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